Your wellness is our satisfaction

Our goal is to give you a positive healing experience in a caring and enjoyable atmosphere, while providing the highest quality natural health care and natural health education available.

I will forever tell anybody who will listen about Whole Body Healing Center and Dr. Shawn. If I ever doubted God and his love for me, I will not anymore, because he reached down when I was at my lowest and gave me my miracle. I Pray all is well with you and yours.
— Constance

I believe that Dr. Shawn and others like him are leading the way in helping our country realize that so much of the disease and illness that we are experiencing and seeing all around us is being caused by things we are putting in our bodies and/or exposing our bodies to. After 15 years of medical tests and no answers I believe I have FINALLY gotten to the root of the problem! Thank You!
— Jana

Now its been about 3 months and my sugar level is normal, blood pressure normal and my cholesterol is normal. A BLESSING. I feel better than I felt in years. My body naturally healed itself. Thank You God. And thank you Dr. Shawn.
— Anthony

I was absolutely amazed. I will unconditionally recommend Shawn to all my friends – his services and caring were unmatched by the “traditional medical doctors”. He not only nailed Jason’s problems in the first visit, but also through some simple recommendations had him back in school in four days, feeling great. Dr. Shawn, We are very grateful. Thanks,
— Jeff

I want to thank Dr Shawn and his staff for their friendliness and willingness to listen to their patients. I encourage everyone to just give the detox a try and see how much better you can feel!
— Amanda