Biofeedback screening Lewisville, Texas
Okay, so you had the full body scan test and now your head is spinning. You are trying to figure out all this information and what it means. Take a deep breath…in and out…the following is a breakdown of the body scan test and what it all means:


New Client (90 min) $315
Acute Visit (20 minutes) $99

Adrenals: 80%-85% is normal. This is a reading of how your adrenals are functioning. You adrenals are your body’s ability to produce energy. Below 50% is a chronic weakness. Above 85 is over stimulated and stresses the adrenals.

Brain Function: 80%-100% is normal. The brain has many factors here. Spinal, moods, energy, nervous system, sleep, hormones, memory, concentration and focus. Below 50% is chronic weakness.

Immune System: 80%-100% is normal. How good is your immune system? Below 50% is chronic weakness and has been weak most of your life.

Hydration: 80%-100% is normal. Oxygen is the key to life and health. Disease can’t exist in an oxygenated environment. Keeping the body’s oxygen level up is essential. Exercise, deep breathing and meditation are great ways to improve oxygen.

Cell Vitality: 80%-100% is normal. This gives you an idea of what percentage of your cells is working together. The higher this number is the better your body can heal, repair and recover.

pH level: 7.0-7.3 is normal. Below 7.0 is considered acidic and above 7.5 is too alkaline. Disease likes low acid environments. Nutrition, hydration and oxygen are all important to keeping pH levels normal.

Nervous System: Ideal balance is 60% sympathetic and 40% parasympathetic. Sympathetic is your gas pedal. Parasympathetic is the brake pedal. This balance will affect your body’s ability to heal, repair and recover. The higher the parasympathetic (brake mode), the slower your processes are. For example, your metabolism, digestion, absorption, breathing, heart rate, Etc. low parasympathetic will affect your energy levels and cause lethargy. Higher sympathetic is overstimulation of your cellular energy, and can also cause excessive fatigue, because you will then have a lack of energy. Can cause that racing mind feeling, nervous energy and can often affect your ability to sleep. Caffiene is a stimulant and can affect the sympathetic NS. If the nervous system is not correct, your body will not be able to heal itself.

The above numbers give you an idea of how your body is functioning. Sometimes you feel like you have no problems and can be questioning some of these numbers. THERE IS NO PERFECT HEALTH!!! So no matter how you feel, there is always room for improvement.

Most stressed organs: Usually there are 3 organs that are under a lot of stress right now due to your current situation. Even if your adrenals are at 80%, they can still be under a lot of stress and might show up here. A common stressed organ is the liver. That is normal.

Dental: This area can be one of the most unknown causes to all disease. If there are any dental infections, they can lead to organ destruction. Each dental area leads to a specific organ

Spinal: Another piece of the health puzzle. Misalignments in the spine can affect healing. The spine is a direct link to the brain and every nerve in the body, so it is important to keep the spine aligned. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, you need to!

Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies: Most people are deficient in many different ones here. I find more people deficient to minerals than vitamins, but still most have a vitamin or two out of balance.

Digestive Profile: This area gives me idea on what your body isn’t digesting, proteins, carbs and or fats. Many people aren’t digesting anything on their initial visit. I can also identify lactose intolerance here and gluten sensitivity here. These are 2 things that most people are having a hard time digesting.

The scan can identify many different hormone imbalances. At this point in the scan, it’s normal to have many deficiencies in your hormones. Hormones play a huge role in your healing rate, so it’s important to get your hormones in balance. For women dealing with menopause, this is the area we focus on in future office visits.

Brain Scan: This gives us a detailed look at which areas in the brain is out of balance. We saw a brain score at the beginning of the scan, now in this area we will zoom in and find more information. Often times dehydration, vitamin/mineral deficiencies and deficiency in good fats will affect the brain.

Emotional: Usually 3 different emotional stressors stand out. These are emotions that are giving you stress. Most of the time these are hidden stressors, but these 3 emotions are very accurate in what you are holding on to. I usually find that emotions go way back to your childhood. So making a connection to when you got that emotion can be important to the healing process.

Homotoxicology: Top 3 toxins that your body is collecting or sensitive to. Huge list of toxins here, but the top 3 usually stick out. These are usually being eliminated during the Detox phase.

Biological age: How old your body thinks you are. This number has to do with your aging process. The score is almost always 20+ years older than you. It’s not uncommon for this age to be 2x your age. Good news though..we can improve this age!

Affirmation: positive message to yourself. Say the affirmation 20x daily outloud to yourself.

Young Living Essential Oils: These are the top oils that your body test well for and that can benefit you during this next phase in your life.

Okay, now we have all this information so now what? Relax, its okay. The recommendations you are following will help improve each category. We didn’t leave anything out. I’m not saying everything will be completely healed, because that isn’t going to happen, but this program that you are on will help the body’s healing capacity. Your body will heal, repair and recover at a much faster rate and by doing so, all these areas will improve. So be patient in your journey and expect to see positive results. Please contact us at any time for more details.