Are you SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED?

Our 28 day detox program is designed to help anyone with any ailment. It’s a full body cleanse that addresses every organ in the body. You will address the liver, the kidney’s, the lymphatic system, the lungs, the colon and the bowel, you will also help purify the blood. Using a nutritional plan and homeopathic detox remedies, this detox cleanse will help you boost your immune system, improve your circulation, your lymphatic system, detoxify your liver, detoxify from bacteria, viruses and parasites. This program is great for your overall health and we recommended doing this at least 1x per year. This is a well proven detox program that we have used for over 10 years with great results. What are you waiting for?

The detox kit consist of 7 products:

  • Liver liquescence
  • Kidney liquescence
  • Lymph liquescence
  • Bacteria drops
  • Virus drops
  • Parasite drops
  • Temple Cleanse colon cleaner

Cost is $180 (plus shipping).
We can mail you the detox kit and email you all the directions. We will also be available for support as long as you are needing our help once you are on the plan.