Men’s Health Part 1: Where are the Men?

Come on Guys, where are you at?  Why is most of my clientele women?  Where are the men? Why are you not taking care of your health?

Reports have shown that women visit doctors more often than men, in other words, women can be described as ‘greater hypochondriacs?’ despite being in good shape, women will still ‘feel’ and/or complain about their health. Men, on the other hand, will not even complain when they have an issue with their health and are less likely to seek medical attention when they really need it.

Doctors and physicians are concerned by men apparent lack of awareness when it comes to health and their less reluctance of seeking medical help.

What could be the apparent cause?

According to health experts, women find it easy disclosing the nature of their health and what ails them. Indeed, this begs the question, why? Steps need to be taken, men should be encouraged to report health issues early enough in their lives and forestall judgments meted out by increasing cases of men health related problems.

The Health sector should make it easier for men to come forth and access healthcare, whenever and however they can much like it is for women. Equity is the basis here.

Here are some of the possible reasons:

  1. In some instances, it’s deeply psychological. It’s not about the awareness at all, but the fact that a man admits to something, he will feel it’ll be taken as a sign of weakness among their peers. Moreover, this is compounded by the fact that doctors prescribe you something, then, later on, tell you “come back after a week if you don’t feel better.” Men will not admit defeat (i.e. the drugs not working and should go back to the doctor), admitting defeat is often a sign of weakness according to the male psyche.
  2. Another possible reason, imagine visiting a doctor for surgery only to find out 9 out of 10 waiting patients are women, as a man, they’ll possibly say “I’ll come back another day”, that other day could possibly be your last.
  3. In the social scene, it is easily noted that there is unfair bias when it comes to the creation of awareness. A majority of the awareness program debuts womens’ illnesses, from cosmetics to fashion and even health. Take, for instance, breast cancer and cervical cancer versus prostate and testicular cancer. It is shocking, that for every seven anti-cancer drugs out there, there is one prostate cancer drug.
  4. According to men, health and other aspects of life like nutrition, are often black and white (i.e. either extremely ill or not). Women, on the other hand, view health and possibly everything else in a wider spectrum.
  5. This could also be partially blamed on the fact that men understand that doctors cannot do much to help them in their situation. Moreover, men tend to be more practical, if they discover a certain treatment is hopeless or causes adverse effects, then they most likely won’t warrant further inquiry.

The reason i am writing this blog today is because i want the men to step up their game and start caring about their health more.  You guys need to be more preventative and do some of the same things the women are doing.  Quit acting like you don’t care about your health.  If you are the main provider for you and your family, your family needs you to be healthy.  Its not a sign of weakness, its a sign that you care about your health and that you want to prevent disease from existing.

If you are man, call us here at the WBHC and set up your appt today.  We will love to help you.

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Thyroid Testimonial

Low thyroid seems to be quite common in the female population.  The mainstream medical system seems to want to prescribe a thyroid drug to every women over 40 years old.  I have been a naturopathic doctor for almost 19 years now and it seems most of my clients that i see are taking a prescription for their thyroid.  When i do my health assessment, i usually find that the thyroid isn’t really the problem.  It may be low, but its low for other reason, such as dehydration, low vitamin and minerals, an acidic pH just to name a few.

I am happy to share this testimonial from one of my clients.  She has been taking prescriptions medications for her thyroid for many years.  She has been working on improving her health from a holistic and natural approach.  Here is what she messaged me.  I was happy to see this message.  It just continues to confirm what we are doing at the WBHC is what your body wants.

If you or anybody you know is suffering from thyroid disease or thyroid issues and want to work on improving your health in a natural way, please call us  at 972-434-7780 and schedule an appt.  We would love to help.


This is from one of my clients that i saw last year.  She was nice enough to post a testimonial on my facebook page and to also share a photo of herself.  

“I have had a battle with my weight since I was 13. My mother and I kept asking the doctors about my thyroid, but I always tested the “low end of normal.”
Dr. Shawn conducted his biofeedback body scan health assessment, and guess what? Low thyroid. He started me on 500mg New Zealand glandulars, and I lost 45 pounds in less than a year.
I have maintained my weight effortlessly since then, and for the first time in my life, I can eat pretty much what I want.
Thank you for taking a fresh look with new eyes!”– Barbara C. from Lewisville

This is what we can help you with.  If you or anybody you know, that is struggling with a weight loss issue and it doesn’t seem like it is improving.  Please give us a call and lets see if we can help you.

EMF Pollutions are KILLING us

We are in a wireless world today. Cell phones, wifi, computers, wireless routers, cell phone towers, etc. It seems like its all around us. Most people don’t think about the hazards this technology is causing. These are hidden hazards that you can’t see, feel or hear. But believe me that are recking havoc on your cellular body. This is something that comes up in almost every biofeedback health screening I run these days. Most people have an extremely high levels of radiation running through their bodies and they don’t even realize it. This is detected from the thermography screening as well.

Symptoms can vary from person to person. What i find is that if your immune system is weak, it will affect you much more than a person who’s immune system is strong. One of the biggest things you will notice is not sleeping well. A lot of rolling around and restlessness. Other issues that can cause headaches, fatigue, unexplained inflammation or swelling.
You can buy devices that will protect you and your home environment. I personally wear cell phone chips on all my cell phones, i also put them on the wirelss routers at the home and office and I wear a pendant around my neck at all times. This is real stuff guys and you need to take percautions where you can. Your home should be protected. Your childs cell phones and electronics need to be protected.
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