Estrogen dominance

A common question that I have asked is what is estrogen dominance refer to? My blood test results come back normal but yet my thermography screen says that i’m estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is 50 times greater in your tissues of your body then it is so blood testing doesn’t really give us the clear picture of your estrogen dominance. When doing thermography thermography identifies estrogen dominance in your breast images with the increased inflammation that you see this is a signature of being estrogen dominant. Estrogen is inflammatory so estrogen is going to leave inflammation markers. This estrogen is collected in the tissues of your body from the environment, from pollution, and toxins such as pesticides insecticide , herbicides, perfumes, lotions hormones that are in the food that you eat, toxins that are in the water you drink, toxins in the plastic bottles that we also consume from this is where the estrogen is coming from. These are toxins that mimic estrogen and the body thinks of it as estrogen. Estrogen is inflammatory and is in direct connection with cancer not only breast cancer but many cancers within the body. Thermography can identify this estrogen and the inflammation caused from it. We want to help eliminate this estrogen the best we can, by reducing this estrogen you’re also reducing the risk factors that cause breast cancer.

We want to help eliminate this estrogen dominance is much is possible there are different ways of doing it that far infrared sauna for detoxifying the body and the skin is a great way to start , we use a topical essential oil mix with coconut oil and dragon time two drops twice a day make a breast cream out of it and rub on the chest and around the breast area to kind a help reduce the estrogen dominance factor as well also I am doing liver detox is cancer or oil packs can be beneficial as well detoxifying the liver is important to help in the body deal with increased estrogen that’s in the body