Corona Virus Update

Corona virus– an epidemic is originating from China has taken around 1900 lives so far with at least 73,000 cases of infections reported mostly in China. COVID-19, which is the name given to this new virus, comes from a seafood market in Wuhan, China and has reached many countries including the USA. There have been a dozen cases of Coronavirus in USA reported which has supposedly originated from bats or snakes.

WHO has declared the virus as a global health emergency on January 30th, 2020 and countries are quarantining possibly exposed people at military basis, airports, and even cruise ships. According to WHO, progress has been made but still, no breakthrough has been achieved.

Though China has ramped up its efforts to contain this outbreak from spreading any further, putting a traveling ban on more than 20 cities, the virus has surely affected the world on a large scale. Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea are continuously reporting fresh cases while 2 deaths have been reported in Iran. Schools are universities are postponing their sports events all around the world.

corona virus update

Corona Virus- A Possible Bioweapon

What might shock you is that some researchers have indicated the possibility of this virus being biologically engineered in a laboratory. A few days ago, a paper published in the journal drew the attention of the readers claiming that coronavirus was made in a lab either as a bioweapon or as a vaccine experiment gone wrong. They strengthen their theory by stating that the virus contains “pShuttle-SN” which is an HIV Key Structural Protein that proves that this virus is manmade.

Whether it is a natural epidemic or engineered and released from a lab, Whole Body Healing Center advises its readers and people around the world to follow local safety measures to protect themselves from this virus. Your homeopathic and naturopathic doctor in Dallas advises you to wash hands with soap and water, use gloves and masks to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing and maintain a social distance with others especially when they are sneezing or coughing and avoid touching your face, eyes or mouth with an unwashed hand.

We just want to update you on the Corona Virus. We have been hearing a mixed bag of information about the dangers of this virus. Beware and take precautions when needed. Keep your eye on the local news for information in your area We like to follow Natural News and Health Impact News websites for the latest world wide information that you will not hear on mainstream websites.