EMF Pollutions are KILLING us

We are in a wireless world today. Cell phones, wifi, computers, wireless routers, cell phone towers, etc. It seems like its all around us. Most people don’t think about the hazards this technology is causing. These are hidden hazards that you can’t see, feel or hear. But believe me that are recking havoc on your cellular body. This is something that comes up in almost every biofeedback health screening I run these days. Most people have an extremely high levels of radiation running through their bodies and they don’t even realize it. This is detected from the thermography screening as well.

Symptoms can vary from person to person. What i find is that if your immune system is weak, it will affect you much more than a person who’s immune system is strong. One of the biggest things you will notice is not sleeping well. A lot of rolling around and restlessness. Other issues that can cause headaches, fatigue, unexplained inflammation or swelling.
You can buy devices that will protect you and your home environment. I personally wear cell phone chips on all my cell phones, i also put them on the wirelss routers at the home and office and I wear a pendant around my neck at all times. This is real stuff guys and you need to take percautions where you can. Your home should be protected. Your childs cell phones and electronics need to be protected.
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Does Your Child Really Have Acid Reflux?

You know what really bothers me these days? Its seeing that our great medical doctors recommending acid reflux medicine to 6 week old infants. Does that sound crazy or what? I have seen a handful of infants this year that have been recommended this type of medication. So basically there is a medication for every age group now. So maybe that lucky individual will be on a prescription medication their entire life. Acid reflux as an infant, ADD medicine when they get in school, Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid medicine when we reach adulthood and then the arthritis, alzheimers, blood thinners and many more when we hit our senior years. Its not uncommon for senior citizens to be taking 10 different prescription drugs each day just to function normally. This is what I am burning on today. Please leave your thoughts.